Electric Mobility Unit

The Next Generation Electric Minibus.

About EMU

While the world is adapting to the cleaner transportation, vehicle operators faces new challenges in operation: how to safely maintain a fleet with existing personnel.

Unlike traditional vehicles that are safe with engine no running, risk associated with high voltage imposes additional cost in fleet maintenance.

EMU stands for Electric Mobility Unit, is a project start and developed by Valsch in 2015, and the prototype was launched by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on Monday, 13th November 2017, in Manila Phlippines, during the ASEAN Summit of 2017.

With the goal of creating a new generation of mini-bus to replace the current minibuses and jeepneys, EMU is not only a minibus that runs on electric, but also equipted with features to maximize the service-use of a public transportation vehicle.

Valsch has spend the pass few years finalizing the design of EMU. With project close to completion, we are currently looking for partners who are interested to manufacture and push this product into the international market.


Low Floor

Low floor access throughtout passenger compartment.

Independent front & rear Suspension

Improves ride comfort, handeling, and stability

Modular Architechture

Complete system swap within 30 minutes avoids costly down-times.

Reinforced driver

Extra protection from frontal and side impact, and falling objects.

Optimized battery location

Prevents battery damage in case of flood or accident.

Rear ramp

Allows wheelchair access through both side and rear entrance.

All-wheel drive (optional)

Addition motors providing extra torque to the rear wheels.

All-wheel steering (optional)

Activates under 30 km/h, further decreases the turning radius by two meters.

Lockable front differential (optional)

.... when the road condition is lessor than ideal.


Integrated Drivetrain Assembly

Motor, inverter, gearbox, differential, power steering, cooling system, and air-conditioning all in a quick exchangeable module; avoids trouble-shooting on site.

Combined Battery Pack

A battery pack that combines high voltage, low voltage, and voltage converter into a easily exchangeable unit.

Split-mounted Rear Suspension

Designed for monocoque buses, which enables low floor accessibility throughout the passenger area, creating a handicapped-friendly environment.


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